Emmy-Winning PBS Documentary Showcases Healthstore’s Unique Franchising Model

“Can the quality of healthcare in developing nations be transformed by the same principle that makes fast food such a success here?” 

That’s what producers of newsmagazine NOW on PBS asked in 2007, in the early years of operation for Healthstore’s flagship network of CFW Clinics. 

“If we had as many franchise outlets delivering health care in developing countries as Subway has sandwich shops, we’ve estimated that we could serve about 120 million people a year,” Healthstore founder Scott Hillstrom told host David Brancaccio, who visited CFW Clinics throughout Kenya.

More than 15 years later, Healthstore remains committed to that vision. CFW Clinics have served more than 10 million people in dozens of primary care clinics and community health outreach events throughout Kenya. In 2019, the most recent year of available data before Covid, clients paid an average price of $4.50.

This episode of NOW on PBS, part of a series called “Enterprising Ideas” that focused on innovative solutions to social problems around the world, went on to win a 2007 Emmy for longform business reporting.