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In 2019, the most recent year when data was available before Covid, nurse franchisees from the Healthstore Foundation’s 54 Child and Family Wellness Clinics served approximately 457,606 people in Kenya. About two-thirds of these people were provided community health education and prevention services free of charge; the 158,514 people treated in clinics paid an average price of just $4.65 to receive Effective-Quality Care (EQC) for healthcare services, many of which treated life-threatening conditions.

This work is made possible by sponsors through our Nurse Sponsorship Program.

CFWclinics nurse-franchisees own and operate primary care clinics. While franchisees in wealthy countries normally pay royalties to franchisors for the support they receive, CFWclinics, the franchisor in Kenya that Healthstore supports, does not charge royalties. This is because most franchisees operate in sparsely populated areas with high rates of extreme poverty. Most clients served can pay the market price, but those who cannot often receive discounted or free care. Adding royalties to the burden that most franchisees already bear would make it even harder for them to serve the poorest of the poor.

Sponsors in Healthstore’s CFWClinics Nurse Sponsorship program are matched with individual nurse franchisees to cover their share of franchise support costs essential to their work.

Just $250 per month ensures Effective-Quality Care for an average of 733 clients per clinic in places where substandard health care is a leading cause of avoidable suffering and death.

That’s $3,000 a year, to treat nearly 9,000 people—just $0.36 per person served.

Sponsors Make an Impact

Franchisees prevent a significant number of illnesses and deaths through community health education and prevention activities​.

They provide medical care in compliance with EQC diagnostic, treatment, and prescription guidelines, along with standardized policies and business procedures .

A rigorous compliance inspection program incentivizes franchisees to be in compliance every day—to make certain they are in compliance on the particular day that the inspector calls.

A gift of sponsorship ensures that extremely poor people who spend money seeking EQC actually receive it; rather than wasting their limited resources on substandard care 

For more information about becoming a sponsor, contact scott.hillstrom [at]

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